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GUDARS SKYMNING – ”Mörka Vallen”
The Hard-Rock band Gudars Skymning was founded in Sweden by Kenny-Oswald “Blueskapten” Sjödin (electric guitar, vocals), “Djupe“ Knut Hassel (electric guitar), Magnus “Pepparn“ Hasselstam (bass, mixing and mastering), and Anders “Ondertz” Olofsson (drums). They play heavy and soulful rock with Swedish lyrics. They are admirers of the Classic Rock of late ‘60s and early ‘70s, and very loyal to its roots and essence. Their main influences are “Black Sabbath”, “Mountain”, “Dust”, “Humble Pie”, and “Atomic Rooster”, and also “Deep Purple”, “Grand Funk Railroad“, “Free”, “Budgie” , “Cactus”, “AC/DC”, “Nazareth”, “Steppenwolf”, “Blackfoot”, “Lynyrd Skynyrd”, “Cream”, “Hendrix”, “Frank Marino and Mahogany Rush”. They resemble their likes of the Swedish Hard Rock musical scene, like “Abramis Brama”, “Svarte Pan”, “November”, and “Magnolia”, and other modern Hard Rock bands like “Josiah”, “Bullfrog”, and “Illusion“. Gudars Skymning‘s songs blends mostly Hard Rock with few passages of Blues Rock. The sonority is dirt and gritty, but also groovy and contagious. Songs are straightforward, guitar-riff based, and the rhythmic section has that typical swing of the old days. The mood goes from vibrant and angry to slightly sad and bitter, like a mix of early “Black Sabbath” (albums I and IV), “Mountain”, “Cactus”, “Budgie”, and “Humble Pie”. It also resembles “Grand Funk Railroad”, “Atomic Rooster”, and “Deep Purple” in heaviness, but having a second guitar instead of keyboards. This accentuates the crudeness of their sound, making it as tasty as a slice of raw bloody meat. Originality is not a point here, and when listening to Gudars Skymning one might think they are just four guys playing together for amusement, but one thing is certain – they know how to have fun! And on their new album they are inviting everybody to take part on their private party. Gudars Skymning‘s first release was the self-produced “Dansa tillbaks till din grav“ (2008). Their second CD is “Mörka Vallen” (2010, Bloodrock Records, distributed by Black Widow), which was also released on vinyl LP (Black Widow Records). “Mörka Vallen” contains 10 tracks, all featuring the most authentic Hard-Rock music made in recent times. Emotional vocals, malevolent guitars, swinging rhythms and those ever tricky guitar riffs – that is all this album is about. The albums explosively opens with ”Jag är en trollkarl” (with a certain American accent on intro and “Black Sabbath” and “Humble Pie” riffs), and ”Södersläntsblues” (a Heavy Blues-Rock with an accelerated part at the end). The following sequence includes ”Imuränans käftar” and ”Källar-Tony” – two compositions that carry the softer side of Blues and Soul on vocals, with some harder moments, resembling “Mountain” and “Grand Funk Railroad”. They precede a sequence of Hard and Heavy hard-shelled, spiky-skinned, razorblade songs that make the “meat and potatoes” of this album: ”Pengar” (which sounds vaguely as “Zeppelin”, but also has the crudeness and strength of “Dust”); and ”Aldrig har jag vetat” (an awesome double cover of the classic songs “Never in my Life”, by “Mountain”, combined with the instrumental ending section of “Starship Trooper”, by “Yes”). Still making part of this sequence, ”Hyfs och fason” has a trotting horse rhythm and a touch of “Grand Funk Railroad”, mixed with “Atomic Rooster”, with remarkable guitars that progressively grow from middle to end; and the long ”I älvens svarta djup” – a balanced mixture of early “Black Sabbath” with “Mountain” featuring a substantial instrumental part. “Mörka Vallen” still contains the short ”Fri” (a soft Blues-Rock with slide-guitar, very enjoyable for fans of “Lynyrd Skynyrd”) and another cover of ”Never in my life” (by “Mountain”), with original arrangements by Gudars Skymning, but this time sung in English. A record that shows the strength of basic rock, Gudars Skymning‘s “Mörka Vallen” is specially recommended for fans of Hard Rock that have experienced the musical transition from the ‘60s to the ‘70s, and for fans of modern Hard Rock bands like “Josiah”, “Bullfrog”, and “Illusion“. Band members involved in Gudars Skymning are: Kenny-Oswald ”Blueskapten” Sjödin – Electric Guitar, Vocals; ”DjupeKnut Hassel – Electric Guitar; MagnusPepparnHasselstam – bass; AndersOndertzOlofsson – Drums…     (Comments by Marcelo Trotta)

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